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iPhone : How to start a conference call?


Setting Up a Conference

 From the Panaton address book, choose one or more phone numbers for the participants.

  • You can add a phone number that does not exist in your address book .From iphone menu choose "Add Participant"
  • From iphone menu choose "Start conference" to start the call
  • When the call starts a green handset icon will be shown against each of the participants´ names.
  • Panaton will call the organizer´s phone first (your phone).
  • You (the organizer) will hear a brief message announcing the start of the conference and may be asked to press a key on your phone to order to confirm the start of the conference.
  • If you do not confirm the start of the call, the entire conference will be terminated and none of the other participants will be called.
  • Once you have confirmed the start of the conference, all other participants will be called and joined to the conference.

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