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Setting Up a Conference Call from the Panaton for BBM Application


1.When you start Panaton for BBM from the BlackBerry applications menu you will see the empty “Participants” screen. Press the “Add” button to get started.

2.The application knows which of your BBM contacts have installed Panaton for BBM on their BlackBerries. It will not let you setup a conference call with BBM contacts that do not have Panaton already installed.

3.When you press “Select” you will the list of your BBM Contacts who have Panaton installed. Click on the contacts that you want to start a conference with. A checkmark will appear next to screen names. Press the “OK” button when done.

4.Enter a message to the people you are inviting – this message will be sent to their BBM Inbox. A standard “Let’s have a conf. call” message is automatically entered for you – you can change it or send it as-is.

5.Finally – press “Invite” and the invitation to a conference call will be sent out. You will return to the “Participants” screen, where the list of the people you invited will be shown, with a grey checkmark next to each name. This indicates that an invitation has been sent, but not yet accepted.

6.The people you invited will receive a standard BBM Message.

7.When the message is opened, the conference call invitation is displayed with “Accept” and “Decline” options. Press Accept to acknowledge the invitation.

8.The BBM will immediately communicate the Accepted conference call invitation to the call organizer. The Panaton BBM screen on the call organizer’s BlackBerry will change to indicate the acceptance. There will be a green “A” and green checkmark on the line. People who have not yet responded will still show a grey checkmark against their names.

9.An invitation can also be declined. Panaton for BBM allows a user to stop receiving future invitations from a specific Call Organizers,

or even to stop receiving any invitations initiated by the Panaton application.

10.If an invitation is declined, the Organizer’s screen will show a red checkmark and a red “D” for the declining participant.

The advanced capabilities of the BBM make it possible for all users to see all others who have accepted and will participate on the call. The organizer sees both the participants who have accepted and those that have declined.

11.It is also possible to re-invite a person, if they have declined. To do so, click the person’s screen name in the “Participants” screen and then select “Reinvite” from the pop-up menu.

Or, you may choose to remove them from the conference call.

12.To start the conference call any one of the participants can press the “Start” Button.

13.After ANY ONE of the participants presses “Start”, all participants will see an invitation to dial-in.

14.Pressing OK will start the regular BlackBerry dialer and will connect to the conference.

15.All participants can see who is connected , who has not yet dialed-in and who has hung up.

16.If a participant get disconnected they can simply press the “Dial-In” button again, or they may simply redial the conference number that is displayed in their BlackBerry call history.

Notice that in this example, where we have made several conference calls from a test phone, the call-in number is always the same:  “+1-646-392-4100”, however for each call the code after the comma is always different.

This is because every participant and every conference call generates a new, unique call-in pin, which is then automatically used to connect the conference.

17.The conference does not end even if all participants disconnect from it. As long as the conference organizer does not select “End Conference” from the Panaton for BBM application menu, all participants can re-dial into the conference at their convenience.

Note: To display the application menu, press the BlackBerry menu button at any time.

18.Only the conference organizer can “End” the conference. The invitees can only “Leave”, because they will not have the “End Conference” option in their menus.

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