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Panaton 1.2 available for download


Panaton launches pilot in the UK market and an upgraded US service


US based Panaton today launched a pilot of its innovative conferencing system in the UK and Ireland in cooperation with Oxygen8. Oxygen8 customers will be able to use the innovative Panaton conferencing service over Oxygen8's telecommunications VOiP infrastructure. The Panaton service is a next-generation voice conferencing system targeted at smartphone mobile users. It eliminates the need for users to wait for a designated conference host, enter PIN codes or search for the closest WiFi spot.



Panaton also announced the immediate availability of version 1.2 of the service and a new pricing structure that lowers end-user costs by as much as 60%. This upgrade, the first for 2011, includes a number of new features including tight Microsoft Outlook and Google scheduling integration and SMS notifications. Integrations with Linked-In, Plaxo and and other social networks and CRM services are also available for enterprise clients.


The service now includes a completely free call-in conferencing option that renovates generic low-end free conference call services and makes them both more usable and compelling. After a Beta period of 6 months during which approximately 800 users tested the web, Android, BlackBerry and iOS applications, the Panaton service is now available in the US for individual users at web site.  Panaton licenses the system to 3rd parties, telecoms and operators who package and resell it under their own brands.



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