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Desktop : How to setup a conference call?
Select participants from your contact list and than schedule your conference call.Email ivitation wi...
Desktop : Managing a Call in Progress
You (organizer) and all participants have to dial in the conference room . During the conference ca...
Desktop : How do participants join the conference call?
When you scheduled a conference call all participants received email with dial instuctions . At the ...
Desktop : How do I invite participants to join the online conference call?
You can add or remove participants during the conference call .For new participants you can use invi...
Desktop : How do I create recurring conferences?
Desktop : What are the costs?
Only long distance charges by each caller’s carrier apply. Please contact your carrier to dete...
Desktop : Can international callers participate?
Yes, normal international rates will apply.
Desktop : Do I get a report of my conference call?
No you have to upgrade to a Full Account.
Desktop : Can I record my conference calls?
No you have to upgrade to a Full Account.
Desktop : How to upgrade to a Full Account?
Go to home page, press the "My Account" button. Enter your email address an...

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