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Setup Panaton for your Android device
Start the Market application on your phone Search for Panaton and install Also you can install...
Is your Android compatible with Panaton (system requirements)?
Panaton supported all devices running android version 1.6 to version 2.3.3 * Android Tablets are on...
Android : What is Add-ons?
Panaton Add-ons is the integration with some of the most popular corporate CRM solutions, social net...
Android : How to integrating Panaton with your Plaxo account?
Enabling access to your Plaxo account requires that you provide your Plaxo username and password. ...
Android : How to integrating Panaton with your Google account?
If you grant access to your Google Calendar, your scheduled calls will appear in your calendars ...
Android : How to integrating Panaton with your LinkedIn account?
To grant access to your LinkedInd, go to "My Profile" tab and select "LinkedIn"  and then pre...
Android : How to integrating Panaton with your SalesForce account?
Setting up access to your account requires that you have an account with API access...
Android : Panaton conference settings
Panaton conference settings : Wait for host Off = Conference is started when the first participa...
Android : Record your name option
Panaton conferencing allows you to record your name . Recorded sound is playing as a voice pro...
Android : How to manage my account ?
Android : How to change my password?
Android : How to setup my phone numbers?

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